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Thorair sell a diverse range of equipment that is primarily used for water damage restoration service providers, hospitals and schools for air filtration, mould remediators, farmers, concreters and fire damage restorers. Our equipment includes dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, hepa filters, thermal imaging cameras, ducting, and other accessories for our products.
Dehumidifiers extract the moisture (humidity) out of the air and surrounding contents within a specific radius of it. The moisture is then liquified and pumped through and out of a hose. By extracting moisture, professionals can dry out a desired area, which can be helpful for drying carpet, gyprock, concrete, underlay, vinyl, wood and many other materials.
Air blowers, also referred to as air movers and carpet blowers, are machines that directionally blow air to dry and cool a target area. Air blowers work like very powerful commercial fans. Fans are helpful for drying areas because air movement alters temperature which can cause moisture to evaporate quicker than usual.
Air scrubbers and air purifiers work to purify and filter out air within a particular radius of their installation. Scrubbers pull the air in through a HEPA filter, which cleans the air and then exhausts it through an outlet. Air filtering is imperative to the prevention and remediation of mould, which is a type of fungus that materialises to decompose dead organic material.
A common use of dehumidifiers outside of flood restoration is to regulate humidity levels. Regulating humidity levels is often important for vegetation, the preservation of certain materials (e.g. clothing, books, sculptures), and maintaining a comfortable and safe environment in areas with little ventilation that quickly build up humidity. Our Thorair dehumidifiers have settings that allow you to set the humidity to a desired level.
Water damage restoration is a service that many companies and insurers provide to clean-up and dry flooded properties and areas. In order to properly dry an area, these restorers use dehumidifiers and air blowers (and sometimes air scrubbers, depending on the presence of mould or lack thereof) to dry out carpet, concrete, gyprock and other matter before mould can begin to fester. If you’re interested in starting a restoration business or expanding your current range, please place an order online or have a chat to our friendly staff who may be able to organise a bulk bundle for you.
On all Thorair products we provide an unprecedented one-year replacement warranty. No other Australian retailer or manufacturer of similar equipment provides this. If you have any defect in your product that is a manufacturer fault (i.e. was not caused by you), we will provide you with a brand new exact match of the product or a full refund if it is not in stock. This warranty does not apply to FLIR cameras.
Here at Thorair we are seriously confident in the efficacy and quality of our products. Thorair is affiliated with National Restoration Network and therefore fixes any returned equipment inhouse and then sells it off at a discount to NRN. For this reason, we are capable of offering better warranties than other suppliers. Notwithstanding, our equipment is very rarely defective, and the high standards of manufacturing and electrical certification shine through in our products.
We are located on the Gold Coast in Australia. We can ship to any Australian location, including rural areas. If you would like to see our stock in person, anyone may view our showroom and warehouse at 1/14 Wheeler Crescent, Currumbin Waters QLD 4223 at any time between 9am – 4pm, Monday to Friday.
Yes! We ship to all locations in Australia, including rural and residential areas. Our freighter is Toll IPEC, however, if you wish to use your own freight company, you may do so by contacting us. For a shipping quotation, please call us on 1300 263 551 today.
For larger orders, Thorair can organise international shipping through DHL or Toll International. Currently, international orders cost significantly more than domestic orders after freight costs and tax. If you do not live in Australia and are interested in making an order, please get in touch with us on 1300 263 551 or via email
In Australia, insurance companies generally require service providers to use SAA or ASA approved equipment only. Thorair is the only SAA/ASA approved manufacturer that retails in Australia. For this reason, a large portion of insurance providers for restoration works use Thorair. For more on SAA approvals, follow this link: For more on ASA approvals, follow this link:
All orders are handled on the day that they are placed and dispatched either that day (before 2.00pm) or the following day (after 2.00pm). Estimated freight times are as follows, but are not guarantees and subject to variation depending on a variety of factors: Gold Coast – Same Day Brisbane & Sunshine Coast – 1 Day QLD (excl SEQ) – 2-3 Days Metro NSW – 2-3 Days Rural NSW – 4-5 Days Metro VIC – 3 Days Rural VIC – 4-5 Days Metro SA – 3-4 Days Rural SA – 5 Days Metro WA – 4 Days Rural WA – 6 Days TAS – 5-6 Days Other Areas – 6 Days Shipments are often quicker than this, but sometimes take longer too.
Yes you can. You can come see us at 1/14 Wheeler Crescent, Currumbin Waters QLD 4223, or alternatively, you can visit our office at 1 Wyberba Street, Tugun QLD 4224. We suggest calling ahead if you have a large order or pickup request so that we can prepare your stock.
We are an affiliate of Labadi Engineering, with the same business (All Imports Pty Ltd). We also manufacture excavator attachments and fencing. If you are interest in these products, please visit our website or
Our products are all made in China. Currently, all restoration equipment available in the Australian market, including Phoenix (same head manufacturer), are manufactured in China. Our products are all designed in Australia, and our business is Australian-owned.
Yes, our dehumidifiers all come with the required hose and power leads, however you may purchase additional hoses from us.
Please give our office a call at any time between 8am – 5pm AEST on 1300 263 551, or, alternatively, send us an email at or
We are amenable to discounts on large orders. If you are looking to place a large order, please get in touch with us and we can refer you to the appropriate person to discuss a discount.
You can connect the Thorair Negative Pressure Flexible Ducting to any of your Thorair dehumidifiers and then route the ducting to a desired area that you wish to dry or regulate humidity levels at. This can be helpful if you need to dry out a roof cavity, but cannot place a dehumidifier in the room. Simply hook up the ducting and route it into the roof cavity through an opening for drying in the entire roof area.
Thorair’s dehumidifier hoses are used to connect to the liquid expulsion segment of the dehumidifier, where it pumps water (from the air) out of a nozzle. You should always use Thorair hoses on Thorair machines are the attachments are purpose-made for Thorair equipment and thus will not leak.
The literage numbers indicate how much water/moisture the dehumidifier will extract from the air or surrounding contents and structure in a 24-hour cycle. For example, a 50L dehumidifier will extract 50L of moisture per day from the area it is installed in.
Floating a floor refers to a drying method that involves placing a fan outlet underneath carpet but on top of the subfloor or carpet underlay to better dry out the flooring. It is called floor floating because it will lift the floor up approximately 150mm. Our Thorair snails are equipped for floating floors with a special clamp that the restorer can use to clamp carpet to the top of the fan outlet.
The HEPE Activated Carbon Filter is designed for use in the Thorair Pro HEPA Filter Air Scrubber to capture a wide variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including soot and smoke, food odours, sewer odours, fumes from paint and paint thinners, and other chemical compounds.
To make a warranty claim, please send a detailed email to stating the issues you have had with your machine. Please avoid tampering with mechanical components. Only the purchasing customer may make a warranty claim; that is to say, if you resell the equipment on to another party, they may not make the claim (only you can on their behalf). For more information regarding our warranty conditions, please call us.
The Thorair Hulk Air Scrubber covers a greater area (1000 CFM) than the Pro Air Scrubber (500 CFM), however the Thorair Pro Air Scrubber is far more compact and is stackable. The Pro Air Scrubber weighs in at only 17.5kg as opposed to 29kg for its counterpart. For more information about the differences between air scrubbers, view the product information.
Thorair’s 50L and 90L dehumidifiers are stackable and very suitable for your restoration van, particularly if you’re short on space. All of Thorair’s dehumidifiers are on wheels and can be easily manoeuvred around and out of your work van or truck, with retractable handles on the 50L and 90L dehumidifiers.
Hundreds of restoration companies place orders through Thorair every year. This makes us one of the most reputable equipment retailers in Australia. On almost any restoration jobsite you can spot Thorair equipment being installed and ran. For more information regarding our sales numbers, please contact our office on 1300 263 551. Please note that there is some information that is non-disclosable.
No. Anyone can purchase equipment from Thorair. We are happy to negotiate special deals with sole traders and regular people who do not have a company if the order is large enough.
Thorair offers the option for entities to bulk-purchase our equipment and resell it at a higher price. The ability to resell equipment is subject to our current stock quantities. If you are interested in building a reseller relationship we would love to talk to you on 1300 263 551. Thorair generally sells products to resellers at marginally below RRP.
LGR stands for Low Grain Refrigerant and refers to a refrigerant system that lacks chlorine that makes hydrogen, fluorine and carbon particles harmful.
You can place an online order by adding your desired products to your cart. Our website will automatically calculate shipping at the checkout. You will be required to supply your address, email address, full name and phone number at the checkout.